Yes, You Can Still Get New Books During the Quarantine

With bookstores shuttered and author tours cancelled, the publishing industry has already been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
Further, Amazon has de-prioritized shipping “nonessentials,” including books.
Looking to stock up on reads while social distancing? Here’s how to do so while staying safeā€”and helping the book world at the same time.
For a bookworm, there’s nothing quite like walking into a bookstore and searching for the “right book.” Unfortunately, wandering through a bookstore’s aisles has been cancelled for the foreseeable future, thanks to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Deemed a “nonessential” industry, bookstores around the country have been forced to shutter stores and lay off staff. Avenues for online shopping have been affected, too: Amazon warns customers that shipments for nonessential items, like books, could be delayed a month.


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Ironically, for many, books have been an “essential” component of getting through the alternating pangs of boredom and anxiety that characterize social distancing. Stuck at home, people are turning toward books for entertainment and a therapeutic off-ramp from the news cycle.

“My reading habits have changed in two major ways: I finally have more time to read, and I find myself being drawn to lighter and escapist reads,” Ariana Valde, a 26-year-old from Washington, D.C. who works at a community non-profit, tells “Reading allows me to properly unwind, which is more important now than ever for me.”

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